About Lotus Hotels

Lotus Hotels operates four exotic diving resorts in Indonesia, each offering a distinctive experience for our guests. Designed with comfort and attention to detail, excellence in service is our top priority. In all our day to day operations, we are mindful to tread lightly on the environment, all the while ensuring to exceed guest’s expectations.

Diving, cultural trips, indulging in our Spas or simply relaxing by the beach are just a few options guests can do in our hotels. All our in-house restaurants offer delicious selections of healthy local and international dishes, sourced locally as much as possible to ensure freshness and quality.

Our incredible staff are trained to help guests make the most of their time and accommodate special requests. Their genuine joy to make our guests feel pampered and at home has been testified by many, and has truly become a trademark in all our hotels.

As diving resorts, all of our properties are 5* PADI Certified, each having their own Gangga Divers Dive Centre. Fully equipped and professionally staffed with conservation in mind, our Gangga Divers Centre have reputations as some of the best in Indonesia.

It is a privilege to be located in some of the most beautiful coasts of Indonesia’s biodiverse and culturally rich archipelago. But with this privilege comes responsibility. At Lotus Hotels, our purpose is to bring a long-term positive impact to our host community and enhance the health of its natural environment. We believe that a business model based on sustainable tourism such as ours can bring about this positive change.

Mission and Vision

Our vision and mission below serve as our internal and public commitment to streamline our collective efforts and move towards the same direction.


Our vision is to be a leader in sustainable tourism business in Indonesia.

Due to our relatively remote and less developed locations, our hotels are by default a good ambassador to spearhead sustainable tourism across the Indonesian archipelago.

By choosing to stay at one of our hotels, guests will indirectly contribute to the sustainability and wellbeing of the local people and the environment.

With an effective sustainable tourism business model, any locations can replicate this model and receive the aforementioned benefits for the host community, thereby catalyzing positive impact and raising the bar for sustainable tourism development.


  • For our guests
    Provide our valued guests with warm hospitality and personalized service, enriching them with positive-impact experiences.
  • For our staff
    Empower our staff to reach their full potential and act as sustainability ambassadors both at work and at home.
  • For our community
    Improve the long-term wellbeing and sustainability of our host community to enable them to flourish without compromising the environment that they depend on.
  • For our environment
    Actively engage in ocean and environmental conservation through education and collaboration with other stakeholders.

History of Lotus Hotels

  • Prior to being established as Lotus Hotels, we were involved in various successful projects under the name of our founder or the previously registered company: Keraton Hotels International.
  • 1977 | Lotus Hotels, a division of Lotus Enterprises, was established as a Hotel Management Consulting firm, which evolved into a group of companies operating in the tourism, hospitality and related businesses in Southeast Asia.
  • 1977 - 1980 | involved in the upgrading and management of Tandjung Sari Hotel in Sanur– the first boutique hotel in Bali.
  • 1980 - 1983 | instrumental in the development of Nusa Dua Hotel Complex – as The World Bank’s management advisor to the Indonesian government.
  • 1983 - 1990 | took over the management of Hotel Club Bualu in Nusa Dua.
  • 1990 | involved with the development of the now famous Amandari Hotel in Ubud where we were one of the initial investors prior to the sale of the shares to Aman Group.
  • 1998 | Acquired our first hotel, a charming beachfront property in Candidasa, Bali. Upon completing a major refurbishment this beautiful Balinese-style hotel became Lotus Bungalows.
  • 2001 | Expanded portfolio with a 30-room bungalows style hotel off the coast of Manado, North Sulawesi. Gangga Island Resort & Spa is adjacent to the famous Bunaken Marine Park one of the very best diving areas of the world.
  • 2006 | Bought Villa Almarik - a 20-room bungalow style hotel located on the popular island of Gili Trawangan just a few miles off the coast of Lombok.
  • 2012 | Acquired Papua Paradise Eco Resort in Raja Ampat, which has since won great acclaim for this incredible property.
  • 2020 | Launched a new holistic vision and mission which focuses on sustainability principles for the benefit of the host community and environment.